After Straight A – What happened next ?

Caroline Bitsch; who was a valued member of the Straight A Team left us to travel to China to be with her fiancé, Pedro.

Whilst working with us at Straight A, she achieved her Assessors qualifications and her introduction to teaching in the Lifelong learning sector.  She was a popular member of the team; one who always worked above and beyond the call of duty and who was always willing to help other team members if required.

We have remained in constant contact with Caroline since she moved out to China and I even had the opportunity to meet up with Caroline and Pedro when I went to Beijing last year!

Caroline has gone on to grow and develop her skills whilst in China.  She is currently teaching English to Chinese students and has been involved in the judging on a competition for learners studying English.  More recently she has even been featured on her local television channel; Zheng Zhou TV!

Congratulations to Caroline and Pedro as they are due to be married in June this year; in Portugal.  Many members of her old Straight A Team will be at the wedding to celebrate with them both.  Watch this space for photographs!!