Policy Statement

Straight A Training is committed to growing and diversifying the range of programmes and services it delivers to widen participation, engage in new and emerging markets and meet the needs of the regional and local economic development agenda. In order to achieve this, we have taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of our provision to partner organisations that will demonstrate high quality delivery and enable sharing of good practice.


This policy applies to supply chain activity supported by funds supplied by the Skills Funding Agency

This strategy covers the area of Subcontracting where there is the delivery of full programmes or frameworks by the Subcontractor/Partner.

We will ensure that:

  1. The proposed delivery is in the best interests of learners and employers
  2. The proposed delivery has a clear strategic fit with our mission, objectives and values
  3. There is sufficient expertise within Straight A Training to quality assure the provision
  4. There is sufficient staff resource in support areas within Straight A Training to administer the processes
  5. The Subcontractor/Partner is approved by our due-diligence process
  6. There is sufficient funding available within our funding contract
  7. There is a clear and transparent commitment between Straight A Training and the Subcontractor/Partner and both undertake to work within the terms of the agreed contract.


Compliance and Quality Improvement

We operate an inclusive approach to the development of the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP); all Sub-contractors/Partners are required to participate.

Service delivery meetings are to be held on a quarterly basis in order to cascade important information and updates, to review progress towards agreed profiles and to share best practice

Straight A Training operates a Quality Improvement Cycle. It is a requirement for all Subcontractors/Partners to participate and work with us to comply and improve the quality of provision. The following is included as part of our commitment to improving quality of provision:

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment graded observations
  • Learner telephone interviews
  • Employer telephone interviews
  • Review of IQA and EQA reports
  • Risk Management and Auditing of compliance aspects of contracts
  • Management Information Services and data control advice
  • CPD opportunities and planned training and development
  • Support with Funding Rules compliance
  • Equality and Diversity support and sharing of best practice
  • Safeguarding of Young People and Vulnerable Adults procedures
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Policy and Procedures development
  • Management of Data and Data Protection compliance
  • Support with Centre Accreditation for Awarding Organisations if required
  • Programme and Qualification registration and Certification if required
  • Support with IQA activities

Risk Assessment, Management Fees and Charges

Our due diligence method underpins the decision making process when commencing work with new Subcontractors/Partners. The due diligence process will review the following aspects and will lead to the calculation of fees and charges for Subcontractors/Partners

  • Financial – statutory accounts and/or business plan
  • Company overview
  • Overarching responsibility and accountability for services (Director/s)
  • Policies and procedures
  • Success rates
  • Progression and Job outcomes rates
  • Awarding Organisation – centre and scheme approval, EQA reports, Direct Claims Status
  • Quality Awards
  • Listed on the RoTO (Register of Training Organisations)
  • References

Straight A Training will retain a management fee from Subcontractors/Partners which will range from 15%-25% dependent on the cost of the procurement process, support and guidance offered and the services required, tailored to individual subcontractors/partners. Examples of services, support and guidance are shown in Compliance and Quality Improvement section of this policy.


Payment Arrangements

  • Payments will be made on a monthly schedule and will be balanced with a risk management approach that protects all parties.
  • Payments will be made on a monthly basis by the end of the following month in which the activity is successfully processed and uploaded to the Data Service by Straight A Training.
  • Straight A Training will supply Subcontractors/Partners with a Funding Report generated by The Skills Funding Agency/ other funding bodies relevant to the provision undertaken.
  • Following validation of the evidence in the ILR return, Straight A Training will make the appropriate payment to the Subcontractor based on the level of income calculated by the validation process in that month less the agreed management fee
  • Straight A Training expects that Subcontractors/Partners will fully engage in the assessment of accuracy of payments and they therefore have the responsibility to review their monthly remittance advices to identify any inaccuracies.Policy Communication
  • The Subcontracting Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy is published on Straight A Training website: www.straighta.co.uk
  • The Policy will be discussed with future Subcontractors/Partners during contract negotiation meetings and reviewed at least annually in September of each year, commencing September 2014. Any changes will be notified to subcontractors/Partners as part of their regular performance review or via separate correspondence.




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