Straight Aims Biking Success

OK; when one of our team members suggested competing in a 30 mile off road bike ride for charity, I was one of the first to raise my hand…. This should be great fun I said…….!

Our Charity; Straight Aims is looking at supporting members of our team to spend time teaching and developing students in various countries around the world who have less opportunity to learn than students here. This year Lucy Edwards, one of our Team Leaders will be spending 2 weeks in a school in Ethiopia, where she will volunteer to work with students between the ages of 6 – 12 years old.

Each year we will look at supporting various institutions throughout the world to enable a better learning experience for students and also a fantastic life skills opportunity for our team at Straight A.

So, the bike ride seemed a brilliant way to raise money and to encourage team building within Straight A.

Nine of us signed up for the challenge, not really knowing or understanding what we had let ourselves in for. This was totally apparent when we all turned up bright and early in Great Missenden Bucks, looking like a bunch of badly dressed gardeners!!! All of the other cyclists were evidently serious riders who sported Lycra like it was the latest fashion item!

Undeterred (but slightly intimidated) by these professional riders, we donned our helmets, got measured for our bikes and discreetly wearing our padded pants under our jogging trousers, set off on the course.

As this was a team effort we had decided to ride together as far as possible. This strategy went to pot after the first 10 minutes of the course where Mat Nutt (Director) decided to turn the experience into a race… Needless to say though, the first hill got the best of all of us; we all had to get off our bikes and trudge up what seemed like Mount Everest, puffing, panting and turning scarlet in the face!

The course at Great Missenden was classed as a grade 2 out of 5 for difficulty. All of us found the course a challenge; however we all thoroughly enjoyed the team building experience, the beautiful scenery and the fact that we did this for a charitable cause.

We all managed the course in less than 5 hours and managed to raise a fantastic £660! Talks regarding the next challenge are already taking place… Two ideas so far are The Three
Peaks challenge and sky diving WATCH THIS SPACE!