The Hospitality Industry: The Strongest Industry Around!

In light of all that has happened recently, with the extensive trouble shown throughout the country, the hospitality industry has managed to pull through by showing its immense

Many sectors of the hospitality industry were targeted by the rioters in London and other major
cities, ranging from the large corporate hotels right down to the smaller independent coffee shops. However, every business affected has shown great resilience to withstand the threats and maintain the levels of hospitality that the “Brits” are renowned for.

This is not the first time that the industry has managed to use all of its resources to maintain its
reputation. Examples of major disruptions include; the foot and mouth scare, volcanic disruptions and terrorist threats.

With the prevalence of the rioters comes the underlying question of  “why are people rioting?” Some speculative peers have given countless reasons to this question ranging from, blaming the parents, lack of correct policing, rising costs and increased tuition fees, to name a few.  My view (everyone is entitled to one) is that after the initial cause for the riots, the main follow on point was that far to many of the perpetrators had far too much time on their hands, lack of
education and very little disposable income.  In turn, the question of “how can we prevent this happening again?” comes about.

The Hospitality Industry is a great starting point for matters to be turned around. With the
National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and Straight A Training in tow, many youths of today could make a positive for the negative incidents they have been involved in and sign up to an apprenticeship in hospitality. This may provide the drive and determination for success and allow an improvement in their lives. The learners will have a qualification from which they will be able to forge a career from. Maybe instead of using their hands for mindless acts they
could transform this energy into core skills in the industry.